Gorilla Builders

Gorilla Builders, Inc. was founded in 1984 as a custom home and light commercial builder. The following year, in response to the need for professional remodeling services, we started focusing on renovations. Taking this as a serious part of our business, we invested in course work given by the National Association of Home Builders and in 1989, we were awarded the degree of Certified Graduate Remodelor.

This designation is given to those remodeling companies or individuals demonstrating certainstandards of competency in the remodeling profession and is the highest designation awarded. As of this writing, there are only about 350 Certified Graduate Remodelors in the nation.

In 1989, we were instrumental in establishing the statewide Florida Remodelors Council, an association of professional remodeling companies located within the state. Burt Davy served as its chair for the next three years.

In 1990, we were given the recognition of "Five Star Builder" by Southeast Homebuilder & Remodeler magazine, a designation by the publishers to those builders in the Southeast area who demonstrated an exceptional commitment to their profession.

In 1996, we were presented with the "Chrysalis Award" as Florida Remodelor of the Year. This honor is given by the Southeast Builders Conference and Southern Living Magazine, and is considered the highest award in the industry.

In 1997, we were again presented the "Chrysalis Award" for the historic renovation of the Lewis Coach House. Our work converting storage space into the Southgate Loft Apartments won us this award a third time in 1998.

In short, we take remodeling seriously and professionally. We consider those persons engaging our services as clients and treat them as such. We recognize that our clients are living in their home as we remodel it and take efforts to ensure their comfort to the greatest extent possible. We have very strict employee standards that address not only the quality of work but behavior on or about the job site. We attempt to work quickly and efficiently with quality of work and client satisfaction being our guiding principles.

Burt Davy founded Gorilla Builders, Inc. in 1984. Prior to this, Burt was the Executive Vice-President of Mad Dog Design & Construction Co., having been with that firm since 1978. Burt, as the President and Treasurer, functions as overseer of the Corporation, is responsible for public relations, and handles all permitting issues as well as other government relations.